Refund & Shipping Policy

We're thrilled you've chosen SuperHeroAI for your superhero persona exploration. We prioritize open communication about our policies as we aim to give you a smooth and enjoyable experience. Despite striving for 100% satisfaction, we understand there could be moments of dissatisfaction.

Given the significant computational resources our advanced AI models consume during the persona generation process, offering immediate refunds is challenging since these resources are used immediately upon initiation.

However, we are dedicated to your satisfaction and are ready to assist if you face any issues or are unhappy with our services.

Shipping & Delivery Policy:

Please note that as SuperHeroAI provides digital persona generation services, we do not have a Shipping & Delivery policy. All services are delivered electronically and are accessible immediately after purchase.

Refund Procedure:

  1. Reach Out to Our Support Team: For any queries or support, our committed support personnel are eager to assist. You can get in touch with us at
  2. Email for Refund Request: If you're unsatisfied with our service and want to request a reimbursement, please email our support team at To expedite the process, mention "[REFUND REQUEST] - Your Subject" in your email subject line.
  3. Include Necessary Details: In your email, include important information such as your order ID, reason for the reimbursement request, payment platform utilized, and any other relevant details that might help us comprehend your situation better. Kindly send the request through the same email with which you have your account on the website.

Upon receiving your request, our team will review it promptly and thoroughly. Refund would be initiated within 5-7 days of request. You can expect to recieve the amount to be credited to your bank account within 2 Weeks of the request. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to address your issues and enhance our service quality.

Your satisfaction is our foremost priority, and we're committed to making your SuperHeroAI experience positive and engaging. We appreciate your trust in us and are here to make your journey exhilarating and fulfilling.

Best regards,

The SuperHeroAI Team